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CPMG was born out of necessity but has become something special. Dr Gong’s retirement at the end of 2021 left many Cambrians without easy access to a physician. We recognized the need of the community and designed a practice with the dual goals of providing excellent primary care here in Cambria while remaining financially accessible to as many as possible. We renovated Dr Gong’s longtime office and rushed to open our doors by March 1, 2022. The CPMG team came together in this mission because we share common values and have each experienced healthcare in other, less rewarding environments. We have been determined from the beginning to make CPMG exceptional, somewhere we would want our families cared for.

The CPMG team shares a devotion to our members. We know all of our members and are here to support them in any way possible. Our office is clean and bright, fully ADA accessible, but also comfortable and inviting. We have a separate “VIP Room” with a private entrance/exit and comfortable seating if members need a private waiting area for themselves or their family. Our team is knowledgeable but approachable, capable but friendly. We are part of the community and members regularly cross paths with CPMG staff outside of the practice. We support Cambria youth athletics and partner with local charitable organizations on a regular basis.

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