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Why Membership?

There is a financial reality to providing primary care in the United States. Most primary care medical offices have thousands of patients assigned to each physician. Typical office visits can be as short as 10 minutes and a physician might be required to see 30 or 40 patients each day just to get by. Doctors are often booked out months into the future. Dr. LaDuca and Dr. Estopinal both recognize that this is not the type of care local residents want, nor does it represent the kind of care we want to give.

Membership allows CPMG to deliver exceptional primary care within a practice that is, dramatically smaller than a traditional medical office. With this model we are able to provide superior care: appointments are easier and more flexible, doctors are more available, extra time and services are offered to provide personalized, proactive and supportive care. Our doctors will have more time to listen to you, research your unique situation and ensure you are not "lost to follow up". 

We also recognize that navigating the current medical environment in the United States is frustrating and time consuming. CPMG will partner with our members and provide whatever assistance they need, including, contacting specialists, coordinating outside testing (such as CT scans, cardiac monitoring and sleep studies), obtaining prior authorization for medications or tests, interfacing with pharmacies and more. CPMG physicians want to know if their members are hospitalized or admitted to a skilled nursing facility. We know the other doctors in the area and communicate closely with them to coordinate care for our patients. 

What insurance do you accept?

We accept MOST INSURANCE, including Medicare and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We cannot accept HMO ( CCPN) or CenCal/MediCal. 

What will be my TOTAL cost?

You will be responsible for your monthly membership fee as well as any copays or deductibles required by your insurance policies. 

The membership fee is completely outside of any and all insurance payments, including Medicare, etc. It is literally just that- a membership fee. It does not relate to the costs of a particular visit, procedure, test, etc. It is not covered by insurance, although it is considered a tax-deductible health care expense and can be paid with an HSA account in most cases. Please do not take financial advice from this information - consult your tax advisor. 

CPMG then bills for actual visits just as any other doctor's office does- we bill your insurance for the visit, and bill any/all "secondary" insurance policies you have. You will be responsible for any co-pays and deductibles just as is the case with all other doctor's offices. 

How long do patients wait for appt? Same and next-day? Average wait time?

The goal of the membership model is to be able to provide excellent service. We will strive to provide available appointments for urgent needs, generally either same-day or within 24 hours. 

We, of course, will strive to be on time. The addition of urgent visits can always affect wait times for scheduled appointments.

Will I have to go out for blood draws?

There is currently regular lab service in our building two days a week. We recognize the need for increased services and are actively developing our testing program. CPMG currently offers limited phlebotomy services for members on Friday afternoons and expects to expand this program in the near future. 

Our providers also perform many diagnostic tests that patients often have to see specialists for, including biopsies, ultrasounds, aspirations and more. These are available to all members.

Tell me about after-hours policies? 

CPMG members have access to a private VIP phone number and urgent messages left after hours are forwarded immediately to our providers via phone, text and email. The on call provider will then respond to the message appropriately, depending on the medical need. We commit to supporting our members after hours and will address urgent needs in timely fashion. Having said that, we are not a substitute for a fully staffed and stocked emergency room. If members are having a true emergency, at any time of day or night, it should be treated as such and they should call 911 for immediate evaluation and treatment. Non-urgent messages will be addressed during business hours.

How do you simplify prescriptions?

We work with any and all mail-order pharmacies and will send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. 

What level of communication can I expect? 

Doctor-patient communication is the cornerstone to good health and excellent care. Members will have access to a HIPAA compliant portal through the CPMG website, allowing them to send confidential messages to their doctor at any time. Members can expect close communication with the practice at all times. We do not accept text messages as they are not private nor secure. Our office will be open during regular business hours, 8-5, M-F. 

How do you handle specialist referrals? 

CPMG will make every effort to keep patient care local and in-house here in Cambria whenever possible. When specialty care is indicated or desired, we will refer directly from our office. We will provide extra support and assistance navigating the often challenging waters of dealing with specialist offices in every way possible. 

Does Dr Dave Griffith practice at CPMG?

No. Dr Griffith helped start CPMG when he saw the void left by Dr Gong’s retirement. Dr Dave still helps manage CPMG and supports the practice in every way he can. Dr. Dave Griffith also maintains a small practice of strictly homebound patients throughout SLO county, completely separate from CPMG.  Dr Dave website

Can you take care of urgent care needs?

Absolutely! We keep several urgent appointment slots available each day and can usually accommodate our members in need. All of our providers are board certified and are extremely comfortable performing numerous urgent procedures. Nonmembers and those requiring a higher level of care are referred to the local ERs.

Can you do x-rays?

At this time, CPMG is unable to provide radiology services. We recognize the need and would love to be able to offer this in the future. Dr LaDuca is fellowship trained in Emergency Ultrasound, however, and can evaluate for many conditions using ultrasound instead of Xrays.

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