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Who We Are:

Coastal Pines Medical Group is a collaborative effort between two physicians who share a background in emergency medicine and a deep commitment to caring for their patients as they do their own families. In order to provide excellent standards of care, CPMG has adopted a membership based practice model. Sometimes called "concierge medicine", this model allows the physician to spend high quality time with patients. This model results in a deeper and more rounded relationship between physician and patient, as well as being more cost effective and providing higher quality care. 

Our Promise

Our Promise:

We at CPMG have had to navigate the current healthcare system ourselves in recent years and we understand how challenging, frustrating, time consuming and confusing it can be. We commit to being your partner as we work towards your optimal health. 

CPMG will provide personalized care at all levels. We believe strongly that the special connection between physician and patient should encompass all aspects of healthcare, including prevention, maintenance, healing as well as identifying and reaching health goals. All of this can only happen within a truly special doctor-patient relationship, one where we can really get to know you and to understand your life. 

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