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Who We Are:

The fundamental tenets of good Primary Care lie in the special relationship between patient and provider. That relationship allows a deep understanding of who the patient is as a whole person, their challenges and their goals. Within that relationship an excellent provider, be they doctor or nurse practitioner, can work towards the overall health of the patient.

Promotion of health is far more powerful than treatment of disease, but both are often necessary. CPMG adheres closely to all national screening guidelines and works with members to enhance the quality of their life, whatever their age. Dr LaDuca is fellowship trained in Lifestyle Medicine and brings a holistic approach to her practice, as do all our providers.

Fee Structure:

•    Individual: $150/month or $1,700/year

•    Couples:(2 patients) $300/month or $3,400/year 

•    Families:
        -     3 people=$450/month or $5,100/year
        -     4 people=$600/month or $6,800/year


  • Homebound:   $200/mo or $2,400/year

    • Individual members only​

    • Patient must be deemed homebound by CPMG Provider and accordance with MediCare guidelines

*Contract is month-to-month with no early termination penalty fee. However, patients who terminate membership must have approval before reapplying within 12 months.

**HomeBound memberships are only for individuals. Patient must be deemed HomeBound by CPMG Provider and in accordance with MediCare guidelines.

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