Beach at Sunset

We will strive to keep testing and services local whenever possible. As both of our physicians are experienced EM doctors, we can provide many in-office services for which you might typically have to travel out of town to get. Such services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Splinting and joint reductions

  • Joint injections

  • Laceration repair

  • Removal of warts, benign skin lesions, skin tags, etc

  • Skin biopsy

  • Ear lavage

  • Toenail removal/repair

  • In-office blood draws 

  • Point-of-care testing for influenza, Strep, COVID, glucose, etc

  • IV fluids, anti-nausea and antibiotic infusions

  • Trigger point injections

  • EKGs


Our Services

Fee Structure:

Offering these and other services is in keeping with our overall goal of making patient's lives easier by reducing the need to travel to access services whenever possible. 

•    Individual: $100/month or $1,000/year ($83/month)

•    Couples: $150/month or $1,500/year ($62.50/month)

•    Families:
        -     2 people=$150/month or $1,500/year
        -     3 people=$175/month or $1,750/year ($49/month per person)
        -     4 people=$200/month or $2,000/year ($42/month per person)

Contract is month-to-month with no penalty for early termination. HOWEVER, if a patient terminates membership they are not eligible to reapply within 12 months unless a physician allows it.